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Bald to bold: Unleash hairline magic while transforming your look!

Bald to bold: Unleash hairline magic while transforming your look!

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Transform your appearance to restore confidence

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Experience a hair transformation like never before. From cutting-edge rejuvenating treatments to exceptional procedures, our team of experts will leave you confident with healthy locks that turn heads.

Say goodbye to hair loss and hello to renewed confidence

    Hair Transplant




    Skilled and reliable hair experts committed to your needs

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    Services for Hair Loss Treatment

    Hair Restoration

    The technique to regrow hair and combat hair loss, improving overall hair aesthetics

    Hair Transplant

    A surgical method for permanently regrowing hair by relocating hair follicles to different spots of the head

    Eyebrow & Beard

    Method to enhance and shape the eyebrows and facial hair for a more defined look

    Hair PRP Treatment

    100% Natural Results
    Revolutionary Technique
    No Surgery, Completely Safe
    US FDA Approved

    Starting @
    INR 4,999/- Per Session

    Dr. Navnit Haror

    Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

    Dr. Navnit Haror, an esteemed gold medalist dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon at Dr. Haror’s Wellness. With expertise in diagnosing and managing various skin conditions, Dr. Haror is recognized by the Delhi Medical Council and the Medical Council of India. As an innovator in the field, he has developed the groundbreaking Ultra Receptive Follicular Unit Extraction (URFUE) technique for hair transplantation, ensuring 100% graft survival and zero hair loss. Experience the transformative power of Dr. Haror’s expertise and regain your confidence with natural-looking results and unmatched density. Trust in his commitment to excellence and let him guide you towards achieving your desired skin and hair goals.

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    Dr. Vineeta Pathak

    Consultant Cosmetologist | Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Surgeon

    Discover the expertise of Dr. Vineeta Pathak, an award-winning skin specialist in New Delhi. With a wealth of experience in cosmetology and dermatosurgery, Dr. Pathak is a trusted veteran in the field. As an integral part of the esteemed team at Dr. Haror’s Wellness, she provides exceptional care and expertise to our valued patients.

    One of Dr. Vineeta Pathak’s notable treatments is painless and permanent hair reduction through advanced laser technology. With her skillful approach, patients can achieve smooth and hair-free skin, enjoying long-lasting results.

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    Successful Results

    We take pride in transforming lives through our expertise and precision. Join the league of satisfied clients and experience the magic of hair restoration firsthand.

    Benefits of Hair Transplant

    Hair transplant offers a variety of benefits to those dealing with hair loss. With permanent and natural-looking results, it restores self-confidence and a youthful appearance. Eliminating the need for ongoing treatments, it saves time and money. Low-maintenance and versatile, it allows normal hair care routines. Ultimately, hair transplant can positively transform lives, boosting personal and professional opportunities.

    • Reversal of hair fall and thinning
    • Gives a natural appearance
    • Improves density and texture
    • Boosts self-esteem and confidence
    • Low maintenance procedure
    • Gives long-lasting results
    • Cost-effective solution for hair restoration

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    Empower yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions as you find answers to commonly asked questions about our services

    What hair treatment procedures does Dr. Haror's Wellness offer?

    Dr. Haror’s Wellness offers Hair Transplant, PRP treatments, micropigmentation, protein therapy, and other Hair Loss Treatments for addressing various hair concerns.

    Can Dr Haror provide personalised hair treatment plans?

    At Dr. Haror’s Wellness, we recognize the unique needs of each individual. We specialise in creating personalized treatment plans for hair based on your specific requirements and goals.

    What precaution should be taken prior to The Hair Transpant Procedure?

    There are not any such specific precautions that ought to be taken before the hair transplant procedure. However it’s advised that patients won’t take food that are blood thinners or alcoholic drinks a minimum of 7 days before the procedure, so as to avoid the prolonged bleeding during implantation.

    Will the Hair Transplant results look completely natural?

    Hair transplantation may be a cosmetic procedure that’s done to urge the personality you would like to possess. Hair transplantation, when done right, is often so natural that even your hairstylist won’t know that you’ve had it done. The skill and techniques of hair transplant surgeons does differ considerably, as do their results.

    How long is the post surgery recovery period?

    It’s approximately upto 1 week that a person should not do any kind of hard physical work or intake food that are blood thinners.

    What is the duration of one transplantation session?

    The problem of hair loss or alopecia can start to develop by older age. In many cases, alopecia is treated through medication and various surgeries but If you would like to induce a stunning looking hair or thicken up a receding hair, then the foremost effective treatment is direct hair restoration.

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