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      Subcision is a specialized dermatological procedure employed to address and improve the appearance of certain types of scars on the skin, particularly atrophic scars. Atrophic scars are depressions or indentations in the skin caused by conditions such as acne, surgery, or trauma. The primary objective of subcision is to reduce the visibility of these scars and promote a smoother skin texture.

      Understanding Subcision

      Subcision is a dermatological procedure designed to address the appearance of scars, particularly those caused by acne or other skin conditions. The technique involves the use of a specialized needle to break the fibrous bands or septae that tether the skin down and contribute to the formation of depressed scars. By releasing these attachments, subcision allows the skin to elevate, reducing the visibility of scars and promoting a smoother skin surface. Further as needle creates controlled injury it stimulates body to rebuild new collagen and elastin and helps in reducing the depth of scar by filling in the pits. Since a needle is involved, numbing cream is also applied before procedure to make it painless and comfortable. Post-procedure, slight redness and crusting can arise for a few days. The body can take about 2-4 weeks to rebuild collagen, so results start appearing slowly and keep improving with successive sessions.

      Benefits of Subcision

      Scar Improvement: Subcision is highly effective in improving the appearance of scars, particularly atrophic scars caused by conditions like acne.
      Minimally Invasive: One of the notable advantages of subcision is its minimally invasive nature. Unlike more aggressive surgical procedures, subcision can be performed in an office setting, often with minimal downtime and no discomfort.
      Enhanced Collagen Production: Subcision not only addresses existing scars but also stimulates the production of collagen, a crucial protein for skin health. The formation of new collagen helps in further improving skin texture over time; it enhances open pores and gives little firmness to the skin.
      Suitable for Various Skin Types: Subcision is considered safe for various skin types and tones, making it an inclusive option for individuals seeking scar revision.
      Long-Lasting Results: While individual results may vary, many individuals experience long-lasting improvements in the appearance of their scars following subcision. The procedure’s impact on collagen production contributes to sustained positive outcomes.

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      Meet the Guru

      Founded and led by Dr. Navnit Haror, a pioneer in aesthetic medicine. He is a dermatologist and a true expert in the art of skincare, widely recognized as a practitioner and expert in Aesthetic Surgery.

      Welcome to our modern facility, meticulously crafted with five spacious treatment rooms, two advanced procedure suites, and a welcoming reception area. Our specialized Subcision procedures uphold the highest global standards, guaranteeing your comfort and contentment throughout the process. On the day of your Subcision treatment, you'll experience a warm ambiance that promotes relaxation and rejuvenation. Our expert and friendly team, fully vaccinated and rigorously screened for health, is dedicated to offering unwavering support, providing steadfast companionship as you embark on the path to smoother, more flawless skin.

      Dr. Navnit Haror

      Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

      Our Doctors

      We are founded, managed, and led by one of the world’s finest Aesthetic Surgeons, Dr. Navnit Haror and Dr. Vineeta Pathak.

      Dr. Navnit Haror

      Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

      Internationally acknowledged as a domain expert and practitioner of Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Navnit Haror is a Dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon in practice since 2012 and is the Founder-Director of Dr. Haror’s Wellness. He has trained over 12,000 clinicians and doctors in hair transplantation techniques across 17 countries.

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      Dr. Vineeta Pathak

      Consultant Cosmetologist | Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Surgeon

      An award-winning dermatologist, Dr. Vineeta Pathak specializes in cosmetic dermatology and all aesthetic procedures. Her expertise includes vitiligo surgeries and ear lobe reconstruction, permanent hair reduction, hair transplants, lasers, and all aesthetic procedures among others.

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      How does Subcision work?

      During a Subcision procedure, a small needle or blade is inserted beneath the skin’s surface to release the fibrous bands causing the depression or scar.

      Is Subcision painful?

      Subcision is generally well-tolerated by most patients. Local anesthesia is administered to numb the treatment area, minimizing discomfort during the procedure.

      How long does it take to see results from Subcision?

      Some individuals notice improvements immediately, while others may see more gradual results over several weeks to months as collagen production continues.

      Are there any side effects or risks associated with Subcision?

      Subcision is considered a safe procedure when performed by a skilled practitioner. Common side effects may include temporary bruising, swelling, or redness.

      How many Subcision sessions are typically required?

      Many individuals see significant improvement after a single session, while others may require a series of treatments for optimal results.

      How long do the results of Subcision last?

      The results of Subcision can be long-lasting, as the procedure encourages natural collagen production and skin regeneration.

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