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      Turban Traction Alopecia

      Turban Traction Alopecia is a type of hair loss caused by constant tension or pulling on the hair due to the frequent wearing of tight headwear, such as turbans or headscarves. This condition is often seen in individuals who wear tightly wrapped head coverings on a regular basis, leading to gradual hair loss in areas subjected to persistent traction. Understanding the causes and recognizing the signs of Turban Traction Alopecia are crucial for timely intervention and prevention of further hair damage.

      The problem of traction alopecia is common in the one’s who regularly wear headgears as the strain is put on the hair when they wear it very tight. The hair shaft gets damaged because of the stress it put on the scalp. When the hair is pulled very tight it can put tension on the roots which can lead to scar tissue.

      Causes of Turban Traction Alopecia

       Tight Headwear: The primary cause is the habitual use of tightly fitted turbans or headscarves. The continuous pressure and pulling on the hair follicles can result in damage and, eventually, hair loss.

      Hairstyle Tension: Certain hairstyles, particularly those involving tight braids or ponytails beneath the turban, can exacerbate the tension on the hair and contribute to the development of Turban Traction Alopecia.

      In case the problem gets severe then one should consult the hair transplant surgeon.

      Causes of Turban Traction Alopecia

      • Receding Hairline: A common sign is a receding hairline, particularly around the forehead and temples, where the turban or headscarf exerts the most pressure.
      • Thinning Hair: Gradual thinning of the hair in areas where the turban is consistently worn tightly is another indication of Turban Traction Alopecia.
      • Pain or Discomfort: Individuals may experience pain or discomfort in the affected areas, especially when removing the turban or touching the sensitive scalp.
      • Small pimples appear on scalp.
      • Redness and itching on the scalp.
      • The patterning increases.
      • Patches of thin hair in places where the hair are in strain.
      • Scarred skin in more advanced cases.

      Treatment for Turban Traction Alopecia at Dr. Haror’s Wellness


      • Customized Treatment Plans: Haror’s Wellness provides personalized treatment plans tailored to the individual’s specific condition and needs, addressing the root cause of Turban Traction Alopecia.
      • Scalp Health Restoration: Specialized treatments focus on restoring scalp health, promoting hair growth, and mitigating the effects of constant traction, fostering a conducive environment for hair regrowth.
      • Educational Support: Haror’s Wellness not only offers treatments but also provides educational support, guiding individuals on adopting hair-friendly practices, including proper turban tying techniques and hairstyle choices to prevent further damage.
      • Consideration of Hair Transplant: In severe cases, where Turban Traction Alopecia has resulted in significant hair loss, Dr. Haror’s Wellness may explore hair transplant options as part of the comprehensive treatment approach, ensuring a holistic restoration of hair and scalp health.

      Tips for Preventing the Traction Alopecia

      • The best way to deal is by reliving the stress so the hair can grow properly. The issue of scarring can lead to permanent alopecia which is a skin condition. Thus taking right care is essential
      • Choose light type of headgear and avoid putting them on tightly
      • Keep your hair healthy and comb them properly and regularly
      • Make changes in the hair you tie headgear on. Remember if the stress on hair is minimized it will solve the problem of hair loss.

      The thumb rule of traction alopecia is to detect it early and change your hairstyle that puts unnecessary strain on hair that leads to permanent hair loss. Wearing headgear is not a concern as long as you are doing it correctly and not putting any excessive strain on your hair.

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      Fueled by a passion for rejuvenating hairlines with authenticity, Dr. Haror's expertise takes centre stage with his groundbreaking Turban Traction Alopecia procedure, a method that has gained global acclaim. Employing cutting-edge techniques and top-tier resources, he provides a transformative journey that instils newfound confidence. Imbued with meticulous precision and a profound understanding of hair dynamics, Dr. Haror tailors every Turban Traction Alopecia to unique preferences, establishing a benchmark for remarkable outcomes.

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      Dr. Navnit Haror

      Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

      Internationally acknowledged as a domain expert and practitioner of Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Navnit Haror is a Dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon in practice since 2012 and is the Founder-Director of Dr. Haror’s Wellness. He has trained over 12,000 clinicians and doctors in hair transplantation techniques across 17 countries.

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      Can Turban Traction Alopecia be reversed?

      Yes, Turban Traction Alopecia can often be reversed through various treatments, including hair transplant procedures. However, early intervention is key to achieving optimal results.

      Is hair transplant a suitable solution for Turban Traction Alopecia?

      Yes, hair transplant is a viable solution for Turban Traction Alopecia, particularly for individuals with advanced hair loss.

      How long does it take to see results after a hair transplant for Turban Traction Alopecia?

      Patients typically start noticing visible results within 6 to 9 months post-transplant, with continued improvement over time as the transplanted hair follicles fully mature.

      Are there any risks associated with hair transplant for Turban Traction Alopecia?

      While hair transplant procedures are generally safe, there are minimal risks such as infection, scarring, or slight variations in hair growth.

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