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      Long Hair Transplant

      Long hair transplant is an innovative technique in the field of hair restoration that involves the transplantation of longer hair follicles compared to traditional methods. Unlike conventional procedures where hair is trimmed before transplantation, long hair transplant allows for the preservation of the natural length of donor hair. This method offers unique advantages, providing a more accurate representation of the final aesthetic outcome during the transplantation process.

      Understanding Long Hair Transplant

      In long hair transplant, also known as unshaven Hair Transplant, the donor hair is not trimmed before extraction, allowing the surgeon to work with the natural length of the hair follicles. This provides a clear visualization of the direction, angle, and density of the transplanted hair, enabling the surgeon to craft a hairline that closely mirrors the patient’s original hair pattern. The preservation of the natural length also aids in concealing the early stages of post-transplant hair growth, offering a discreet and less noticeable transition during the initial recovery period.

      Who is the Right Candidate for this?

      People who do not want their hair surgery to be noticeable, like TV personalities, public officials, and people working in showbiz prefer Long hair transplant or unshaven transplant.

      Benefits of Long Hair Transplant

      The major advantage is reduced downtime and reduced degree of detection. In such cases the redness and scabs can be concealed by the existing hair.

      • Realistic Preview: Long hair transplant provides an accurate preview of the final aesthetic outcome during the process.
      • Natural-Looking Results: Preserving the natural length enhances the overall natural appearance of transplanted hair.
      • Faster Concealment: Longer donor hair aids in faster concealment of the transplanted area during early recovery.
      • Enhanced Precision: Surgeons can better assess the natural growth pattern, allowing for more precise transplantation.
      • Reduced Scalp Trauma: Long hair transplant minimizes the need for extensive trimming, promoting quicker recovery.
      • Minimized Discomfort: Longer donor hair reduces discomfort associated with regrowth, improving the post-surgical experience.

      Other Services Offered

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      Expertise personified:
      Meet the Guru

      Founded and led by Dr. Navnit Haror, a pioneer in aesthetic medicine. He is a dermatologist and a true expert in the art of skincare, widely recognized as a practitioner and expert in Aesthetic Surgery.

      Fueled by a passion for rejuvenating hairlines with authenticity, Dr. Haror's expertise takes centre stage with his groundbreaking Long Hair Transplant procedure, a method that has gained global acclaim. Employing cutting-edge techniques and top-tier resources, he provides a transformative journey that instils newfound confidence. Imbued with meticulous precision and a profound understanding of hair dynamics, Dr. Haror tailors every Long Hair Transplant to unique preferences, establishing a benchmark for remarkable outcomes.

      Dr. Navnit Haror

      Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

      Our Doctors

      We are founded, managed, and led by one of the world’s finest Aesthetic Surgeons, Dr. Navnit Haror and Dr. Vineeta Pathak.

      Dr. Navnit Haror

      Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

      Internationally acknowledged as a domain expert and practitioner of Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Navnit Haror is a Dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon in practice since 2012 and is the Founder-Director of Dr. Haror’s Wellness. He has trained over 12,000 clinicians and doctors in hair transplantation techniques across 17 countries.

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      Dr. Vineeta Pathak

      Consultant Cosmetologist | Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Surgeon

      An award-winning dermatologist, Dr. Vineeta Pathak specializes in cosmetic dermatology and all aesthetic procedures. Her expertise includes vitiligo surgeries and ear lobe reconstruction, permanent hair reduction, hair transplants, lasers, and all aesthetic procedures among others.

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      Success Stories

      We take pride in transforming lives with our expertise and precision. Join the community of satisfied clients and experience the magic of anti-aging firsthand.


      Empower yourself with knowledge and make informed decisions as you find answers to commonly asked questions about our services

      How does long hair transplant differ from traditional methods?

      Long hair transplant preserves existing hair length, ensuring immediate aesthetic appeal post-surgery, unlike traditional methods where hair is shaved prior to transplantation.

      Is long hair transplant suitable for everyone?

      Long hair transplant is ideal for individuals with longer hair lengths seeking a seamless transition post-surgery.

      What is the recovery process like after long hair transplant surgery?

      Recovery typically involves minimal discomfort and downtime. Patients can expect to resume regular activities within a few days, with full recovery and visible results within several months as transplanted hair grows naturally.

      Are there any risks associated with long hair transplant?

      Long hair transplant is a safe and effective procedure when performed by experienced professionals.

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