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Why You Need a Synthetic Hair Transplant

If you find yourself to be a candidate for hair transplant, but are facing conditions that make a natural hair transplant impossible, such as:

there’s still hope for your hair restoration journey!

Embrace the innovative approach of a synthetic hair transplant, especially designed for individuals who may not be suitable candidates for a natural hair transplant, giving the chance to undergo FUE hair transplant surgery.

Although commonly referred to as a transplant, it is in fact, a hair implant.

Understanding the Synthetic Hair Transplant:

A synthetic hair transplant is a surgical process involving the implantation of synthetic fibres into previously bald areas. Each strand of artificial hair is equipped with a knot at its end, which the surgeon skillfully implants and anchors deep into your scalp. These fibre-based synthetic hair strands exceed real hair in terms of durability.

How is the Hair Implant Procedure Performed?

Before a full hair implant procedure, the doctor performs a fibre compatibility test to determine any allergic reactions to the synthetic strands. Up to 100 hair strands are implanted into the bald area for monitoring over a month to ensure they don’t cause unpleasant reactions. If no issues arise, you can continue with the entire procedure.

Following the full implantation procedure, monthly clinic trips are necessary for scalp cleaning. Neglecting this may lead to sebum plugs, tiny colourless bumps at the base of implanted hairs, possibly causing infection, inflammation, and cysts.

The artificial hair implant process involves:

  • Application of local anaesthesia to numb the head.
  • Use of an automatic hair implant device for the careful implantation of strands into the scalp, securing the knots within the scalp fascia.
  • Continuous implantation until reaching the desired hair density.
  • Scalp cleansing with a disinfectant to finish the process.

Advantages of Synthetic Hair Implant:

  • A simple, quick, and painless process.
  • Immediate, natural aesthetic results without the waiting time for hair growth.
  • High hair density achieved in just a few hours.
  • An outpatient procedure allowing a swift return to an active lifestyle.
  • A viable choice for patients with limited donor areas for a natural hair transplant.
  • Highly affordable and can be performed alone or in combination with other procedures, with the freedom to stop at any time.

What Is the Cost of Artificial/Synthetic Hair Implantation in India?

The cost varies based on multiple factors and usually ranges from Rs. 85 to Rs. 120 per strand. Consult your doctor for an exact treatment plan and personalised price quote suited to your unique needs.

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