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    Services for Hair Transplant

    Ultra Receptive Hair Transplant (URHT)

    Ultra Receptive (UR-FUE) is the latest and most advanced version of FUE Hair Transplant, offering highly effective and precise results. In UR-FUE, individual grafts with 1-4 hair are extracted.
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    Bio FUE Hair Transplant

    Bio Follicular Hair Transplant (BIO-FUE) is an advanced, stitchless, and painless technique. It involves infusing regenerative cells from one's blood into the FUE donor site for faster healing and hair growth.
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    Eyebrow & Beard

    An eyebrow transplant can be a valuable solution for individuals facing various eyebrow-related concerns. Sparse or thin eyebrows, often influenced by genetics.
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    Direct Hair Transplant

    Direct Hair Transplant is the cutting-edge method of hair transplantation, always performed by certified surgeons for optimal results. It involves precise implantation for a natural finish while preserving the scalp.
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    Beard Transplant & Moustache Transplant

    A beard and moustache transplant is a surgical procedure that involves transplanting hair follicles from one part of the body to the beard and moustache regain to enhance facial hair growth.
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    Unshaven FUE Hair Transplant

    Unshaven FUE hair transplant is a meticulous technique that doesn't require shaving hair before the procedure, resulting in non-detectable results.
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    We are founded, managed, and led by one of the world’s finest Aesthetic Surgeons, Dr. Navnit Haror and Dr. Vineeta Pathak.

    Dr. Navnit Haror

    Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

    Internationally acknowledged as a domain expert and practitioner of Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Navnit Haror is a Dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon in practice since 2012 and is the Founder-Director of Dr. Haror’s Wellness. He has trained over 12,000 clinicians and doctors in hair transplantation techniques across 17 countries.

    Dr. Vineeta Pathak

    Consultant Cosmetologist | Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Surgeon

    An award-winning dermatologist, Dr. Vineeta Pathak specializes in cosmetic dermatology and all aesthetic procedures. Her expertise includes vitiligo surgeries and ear lobe reconstruction, permanent hair reduction, hair transplants, lasers, and all aesthetic procedures among others.

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