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      What is Gynecomastia?

      Gynaecomastia is a medical condition characterised by the development of enlarged breast tissue in males. This condition results from an imbalance in the hormones oestrogen and testosterone, with an increase in oestrogen or a decrease in testosterone leading to the growth of glandular tissue in the breast. While it is relatively common during infancy, puberty, and old age due to hormonal fluctuations, persistent or severe cases may cause physical and emotional discomfort. Factors such as obesity, certain medications, and underlying health conditions can contribute to the development of gynaecomastia. Understanding the root cause is crucial for appropriate diagnosis and tailored treatment plans, which may include lifestyle changes, medication adjustments, or surgical intervention.

      Understanding Gynecomastia

      To comprehend gynecomastia, it’s essential to delve into the physiological aspects and potential psychological impacts. Sometimes there can be pain especially in teenagers and sensitive nipples upon rubbing against clothes. The condition often presents as a localised swelling or tenderness in one or both breasts, causing distress and self-consciousness in affected individuals. Understanding the emotional toll is integral to a comprehensive approach to treatment. While gynecomastia itself is not usually a serious medical problem, the stigma and societal pressures associated with male breast development can lead to diminished self-esteem and body image concerns. A multidimensional understanding of gynecomastia, encompassing both the physical and emotional aspects, is crucial for healthcare professionals to provide holistic care and support.

      Causes majorly includes change in hormones in body, certain medicines like anti-androgens, anabolic steroids or androgens, antiretroviral medicines, ADHD medicines, anti- anxiety, Ulcer medicines, chemotherapy, heart medicines etc. Alcohol, anabolic steroids and drugs like marijuana, and heroin can also cause breast enlargement aging and health conditions like hypogonadism, hyperthyroidism, kidney failure, Liver Failure and tumors can lead to this.

      Benefits of Addressing Gynecomastia

      The benefits of addressing gynecomastia extend far beyond the physical realm. For individuals grappling with the condition, undergoing appropriate treatment can bring about a transformative change in both their appearance and emotional well-being. Surgical interventions, such as male breast reduction, aim to remove excess glandular tissue and sculpt a more masculine chest contour. The psychological benefits of these procedures often include enhanced self-confidence, improved body image, and a renewed sense of comfort in one’s skin. Beyond the aesthetic improvements, resolving gynecomastia contributes to a broader sense of overall health, empowering individuals to embrace their bodies and live life more fully. Seeking professional guidance is crucial to explore personalised solutions and unlock the potential benefits of addressing gynecomastia.

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      Founded and led by Dr. Navnit Haror, a pioneer in aesthetic medicine. He is a dermatologist and a true expert in the art of skincare, widely recognized as a practitioner and expert in Aesthetic Surgery.

      Guided by an unwavering commitment to restoring self-confidence, Dr. Haror's expertise shines in the realm of Gynecomastia surgery, a procedure celebrated globally. Employing advanced techniques and premium resources, he provides a transformative journey, bestowing individuals with a more masculine and confident chest contour. With meticulous precision and a profound understanding of anatomical nuances, Dr. Haror tailors each Gynecomastia procedure to meet specific needs, setting a new standard for remarkable outcomes.

      Dr. Navnit Haror

      Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

      Our Doctors

      We are founded, managed, and led by one of the world’s finest Aesthetic Surgeons, Dr. Navnit Haror and Dr. Vineeta Pathak.

      Dr. Navnit Haror

      Gold Medalist | Dermatologist| Hair Transplant Surgeon

      Internationally acknowledged as a domain expert and practitioner of Aesthetic Surgery, Dr. Navnit Haror is a Dermatologist and Hair Transplant surgeon in practice since 2012 and is the Founder-Director of Dr. Haror’s Wellness. He has trained over 12,000 clinicians and doctors in hair transplantation techniques across 17 countries.

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      Dr. Vineeta Pathak

      Consultant Cosmetologist | Hair Transplant & Aesthetic Surgeon

      An award-winning dermatologist, Dr. Vineeta Pathak specializes in cosmetic dermatology and all aesthetic procedures. Her expertise includes vitiligo surgeries and ear lobe reconstruction, permanent hair reduction, hair transplants, lasers, and all aesthetic procedures among others.

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      Who is a suitable candidate for Gynecomastia surgery?

      Suitable candidates for Gynecomastia surgery are typically individuals who have persistent, noticeable breast enlargement and are in good overall health.



      What is involved in a Gynecomastia surgery?

      Gynecomastia surgery, or male breast reduction, involves removing excess breast tissue and reshaping the chest area.

      Is Gynecomastia surgery safe?

      Gynecomastia surgery is generally safe when performed by a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon.

      How long does the recovery process take after Gynecomastia surgery?

      Patients can typically resume normal activities, including work, within a week or two.

      Are the results of Gynecomastia surgery permanent?

      Gynecomastia surgery provides permanent results. However, it’s essential to maintain a healthy lifestyle to prevent a recurrence of excess breast tissue.

      Will there be noticeable scarring after Gynecomastia surgery?

      Plastic surgeons aim to minimize scarring by making incisions in discrete areas, such as around the areola or in the natural chest creases.

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